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The BLACK SWANS of TRESPASS play forbidden banjo music. The band is the vehicle in which Australian banjo iconoclast CC THORNLEY breaks all the rules about banjo. Focusing on the electric banjo, CC bends and twists genres. With bass, drums and soaring fiddle melodies, the BSoT play music you would least expect to hear on banjo, in a way you would least expect a banjo to play it. Funky, soulful, with a swampy, punky edge and rich Mento/Jamaican core, the BSoT takes to the stage with charisma and defiance. They will make you dance, love and rebel. The BSoT believe in banjo sans frontiers, and play anything, in their own voice. Forget everything you thought you knew about banjo, and swans. Somewhere, way out there on the side of your world, some swans are indeed black, and they don't care what color you think they should be.

Music Tasmania acknowledges Tasmanian Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of this island, lutruwita (Tasmania). We pay our respects to elders past and present and acknowledge traditional peoples' connection to country. We respect the traditions and customs of the Aboriginal people of lutruwita, who remain the custodians of these lands.