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Interesting how Tasmanian quintet Paper Souls seems to legitimately pull together the essentials of music. The music seems to be strings that bind the peaks of life, each song willingly being the cold beer on the hottest day of summer or the well-earned cigarette after a day at work pretending you hate smokers and all whom associate with those scoundrels. Paper Souls remind us that the Golden Era of Australian Music has not yet been forgotten, their influences are saturated in the glory days of the 1990’s Australian Alternative music scene (think Something for Kate, Screemfeeder, Magic Dirt, Silverchair +) and have supported COG and Killing Heidi on their recent 2017 tours. The complexity of their music is such that while they do this they can simultaneously show that they are capable of pulling you by the other sleeve into the future with layer upon layer of sonic cool and textures that show that they are doing anything but looking backwards. Whether it be dribbling softly from a set of the most expensive headphones or belching from several antique tubs placed around you; Paper Souls tell us that music must always be working its way into our ribcages like a panic rising into the helpless fish freshly caught on the river bank. There is after all a reason the word shares its derivatives with muse, music must inspire us, help us reach emotion, it dirties the canvas and paints a picture only we can see.

Music Tasmania acknowledges Tasmanian Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of this island, lutruwita (Tasmania). We pay our respects to elders past and present and acknowledge traditional peoples' connection to country. We respect the traditions and customs of the Aboriginal people of lutruwita, who remain the custodians of these lands.