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Well where to even begin? Known by some as El Jefe Gato, to others as Diablo Peludo, the elusive Señor Tabby strikes fear into the hearts of the favela dwellers of southern Tasmania. His methods are....unorthodox, yet highly effective. People speak in hushed whispers and rumours of his signature techniques.

For instance, the Sully Swinger, a relentless dance groove that, once heard, renders the listener unable to stay still and often results in them passing out after countless hours of jiving.

Or the Plapp-Dance, a low end fusion capable of rearranging vital organs into their perfect resonant harmony.

One thing is certain, Señor Tabby can and will find those seeking a good time. He will parade in front of them, tail high; nuzzle their chins and curl up on their chest for a nice scratch under the chin.

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Music Tasmania acknowledges Tasmanian Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of this island, lutruwita (Tasmania). We pay our respects to elders past and present and acknowledge traditional peoples' connection to country. We respect the traditions and customs of the Aboriginal people of lutruwita, who remain the custodians of these lands.