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Born from COVID lockdown/quarantine boredom, GAS THIEF have risen from the ashes and are quickly bringing life to the Hobart Live scene.

Starting as a 3-piece long-time friends Johnny Croft (Lead Vocals), Billy Blaze (Lead Guitar) and Vibby Longneck (Lead Bass) were quickly joined by Ken Oath (Lead Guitar) and KOKO (Lead Drums), to create the 5 piece that is known today.

GAS THIEF has been described as Glam Rock, Garage Rock, Party Punk, Classic Rock/Punk, with a versatile sound, they can blend well into any rock genre.

The Band are Inspired by the 70’s and 80’s sound such as KISS, Motley CRUE, Van Halen, Queen with flavours of The Hives, ACDC, The Beatles, The Sex Pistols and New York Dolls

GAS THIEF’s intention is to bring back the excitement and fun back to music.
The band’s strength lay in their live shows. They include non-stop energy, the finest rock wear and unique party games only they can get away with. Leaving crowds in the palm of their hands from start to finish and creating an atmosphere that needs to be seen, their shows are fun for (almost) every member of the family.

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