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Founded in 2014, The Silverbeets are a Tasmanian based 4 piece, who just love music, and everything about it. They understand that music is a rich and complex blessing, and revel in the way a song can make you feel happy one listen and sad the next, or wake you up from the bitter pain of a break up and feel life anew again, or the way it can scream and shout political ideologies at you one moment and softly whisper sweet nothings in your ear on another. No emotion or topic is out of bounds for music – from outright hate, to side splitting humour. While it is out there for everyone to listen to, it is also the most intimate form of art, and can make a listener feel like they are the only person to have ever heard and understood some deep and meaningful insight conveyed to their heart, via their ears. The Silverbeets explore all this complexity, from the dark to the light, the uplifting to the depressing, the crazy to the sane. The Silverbeets want their music to move and motivate you, to excite, enlighten and entertain. To achieve this they hope that their catchy, intricate, and well-made recordings and lusty live performances will resonate with your feelings and desires and get your feet and body moving – to dance and leap and shout and sing and even cry – but mostly to have fun and enjoy. As a group of musicians with widely varied musical tastes The Silverbeets sound is hard to define but at their heart The Silverbeets are Indie Pop. Some of their songs may seem like busy music, well played but demanding. Other songs are like lovers, slowly drawing you in, but also keeping you at a distance and requiring multiple listens, before their secrets are revealed. The Silverbeets have drawn comparisons with artists such as David Bowie, INXS, Radiohead, Frank Zappa, The Pixies, Gang Gajang, Beck, Pink Floyd and many others. The intricacies of their recordings, some elements of which are unreproducible live, are skillfully stripped back to guitars, bass, and drums. However none of the beauty and the power of the songs is lost. The Silverbeets have many influences, ranging from commercially successful through to little known underground artists. The Silverbeets would love nothing more than to play alongside some of their favourite well known artists but are just as happy playing alongside a good local band, to an appreciative local audience, in a local venue, in your local neighbourhood.

Music Tasmania acknowledges Tasmanian Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of this island, lutruwita (Tasmania). We pay our respects to elders past and present and acknowledge traditional peoples' connection to country. We respect the traditions and customs of the Aboriginal people of lutruwita, who remain the custodians of these lands.