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Skipping Stone

Skipping Stone (single) – Ange Boxall


Many artists’ self-sabotage. 


As people we often ask ourselves in life, what is success? For some people it is money and power, for others it’s good health and happiness, or the unity of a family.

For some it’s just plain scary. A luring, devilish sparkle burning in the distance.

On the brink of a good thing, an awesome opportunity, fear can set in and make us run a mile. Anxiety of the unknown. That’s often why artists seek approval and backing. Then comes more anxiety - fear of letting people down, too many expectations, such responsibility - they make another random turn.  The pressure can become too much sometimes so you drop your bundle and run. Is it fear or failure, or is it fear of success?


This is the case in Ange’s forthcoming single, the title track from the album, Skipping Stone. If you don’t go too deep, perhaps you won’t get as hurt. If you don’t climb too high, the fall won’t be as hard.


Skipping stone

Don’t want to go too deep

Missing the point to fall

Missing the point at all


Stepping stone

Don’t want to climb too high

Avoid the chance to rise

She’s got an alibi


… It’s also why Ange thinks we all need to have a dog. Dogs don’t self-sabotage. They don’t even think about that stuff!


*NB. No paper or any litter was left on the beach during the filming of Skipping Stone - we chased every single piece!

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