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First Soundcloud drop of chopped and screwed hits by YouTube mix label π”ˆβ„­π”… MIXTAPES.

A collection of tracks recovered from a recently removed Soundcloud page. Page was removed due to numerous copyright infringements. All remixes produced exclusively utilising YouTube as an interface to layer, chop and screw music. RIP DJ Screw

1. Can’t You See Me [Chopped & Screwed]
2. Far [Chopped & Screwed]
3. λŒ€μ·¨νƒ€ [Chopped & Screwed]
4. Professor In The Jungle [Chopped & Screwed]
5. PUMA [Chopped & Screwed]
6. Don’t Judge Me [Chopped & Screwed]
7. Ambition [Chopped & Screwed]
8. Whenever [Chopped & Screwed]
9. Solitaires [Chopped & Screwed]
10. But I Love You [Chopped & Screwed]
11. W A N G [Chopped & Screwed] Β 
12. SHOOT [Chopped & Screwed]
13. Toosie Slide [Slowed & Reverb]

YouTube encoding (itunes m4a)

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